Thursday, July 4, 2013

Beach Bags and Bikini 2013

Beach Bags 2013
This summer  beach bags it is recommended to be very big. Their material should be of straw or cloth. You should avoid those bags, their material is of rubber or plastic which have the possibility to become  quickly heated from the sun and can damage your skin as well. The bag handles it is better to be of strong material like wood or plastic. When you use a straw bag you should put all your things on it on a regular basis, because there is not too much space inside of it. In your bag should never miss the beach towel, which is recommended to be big, the body and face cream, your sun glasses , a comb, the gloss, a bottle of water and also a wallet where you will put your  money and your keys too.
Bikini 2013
This  year , the colors which dominate and which are mostly prefered at women bikini are neon colors. The models of this summer are of a wide variety for example eye-shaped  bikini, body etc.