Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Phrases by Lil Wayne

1- Chew my words and taste my thoughts,  if they are bad take them to me back.
2- I am sleeping, I am dreaming.3- I am not sexy, I am gorgeus.
4- I am mostly afraid of life than death.
5- The bird don’t fly without my permission.
6- I can not go to hell because I will take the power.
7- You can love me or can hate me, I swear this will not crate or destroy me.
8- Blind eyes can see me and perceive the truth.
9- Simple I am trying to stand in front of my shadow.
10- I know that I have been in lots of troubles this year, but I will keep my head up like my nose is bleeding.
11- Those birds don’t fly without my permission, it seems like I am in the sky, flying with fishes, or maybe in the ocean, swimming with pigeons, do you see that my world is different, like Dwayne Wayne.
12- Go fuck yourself all you that hate without reasons.
13- I know that you wish I had never meet me, but I just hope you will never forget me.
14- When I started to flirt with acceleration, the failure was made my ex.
15- Now I am engaged with the game and married with success.
16- Do you have  complaints, bring them here.
17- Keep your mouth close and let your eyes listen.
18- I am that person who will die when is the best time to die.
19- Let me live my life in the way I want.
20- I have the summer that hates me because I am hotter than sun, I have the spring that hates me because I will never be spilt, the winter hates me because I am colder than all you and I would never fall.
21- It was said that I could not play football because I was very younger, it was said that I could not play basketball because I was not tall, it was said that I could not play baseball and now I have every day of my life , ball.