Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Britney Spears in years

Britney Spears in years 

Here Britney Spears is too young. She is only 18 years old and she is in a musical tour in California.We can say that Britney is in her first steps in her musical career.She is full of life and energy to go forward and  to achieve success.

Here we are in 2000 and Britney appears to the separation of the Grammy Awards. She was worn in red and catch the attention of her fans. As always she made a big show and amazed her fans with her performance, song and dancing. Even though she is not a dancer she does her best to look like a proffesional dancer.


Britney appears in 2000 again.But this time she hada just taken a big and considerable price: 
Album of the Year award given by the Billboards Music Awards. She is really happy and satisfied with this price because her work was rewarded.We can say that this price gives Britney the desire to work more in the future.

In 2003 Britney Spears was 
honored with a star on the Avenue of Stars in Hollywood.A big achievement for her career.These stars in Hollywood recognize various contributions by corporate entities, service oragnizations and special honorees.

Here we are in 2004.And this is the year when Britney finally decide to get marriage.And the person she coosed to marry was one of her best friend of her childhood called Jason Alexander.But her first marriage lasted only a few hours.I mean 55 hours.It was told that her marriage was like a joke of both them.


The news of the year for Britney Spears was her pregnancy. She was pregnant with her second husban, Kevin Federline.Kevin Federline born on 21 Mar, is an american singer, model and rapper.Firstly he was known as a dancer but later he was made famous after his marriage with Britney Spears.They have together 2 children.They  divorced on 30 July 2007.

A year later in 2006, Britney was pregnant with her second child with her husband Kevin Federline.They were very happy for their other son.

2007 was not a very succesful year for Britney Spears. She was choosen to open the division of MTV Video Music Awards where she performed with her song Gimme More.This comeback of her was expected  from million fans of her, but it was not very satisfactory. Britney looked very unfocused in the scene.She forgot her song and her dancing.After Mtv Prices she was criticied by all Medias in the world.

In september of 2008, Britney opened the MTV Video Music prices sharing for the third time.This time she did not sang or performed.She only gave a speech.Britney won the Best Video award, Best Video of a woman singer and the Best Video Pop Stream.In one of the acceptances of prices she launched her new song of her lastest album.The song was titled Circus.

In February of 2009, Britney launched her new song Circus., her second hit of her album with the same title.Her comeback was liked by her fans as much as that her 2 songs , Womanizer and Circus were clasisfied very high in the list of 40 songs broadcast on radio.

In 2011 Britney appears with another new song.This time she had a collaboration with one of the mos famous pop singes in thw world, Rihanna.Their song was called S & M and was a big success.A song that made headlines and for which it was rumored more.  


In November of 2012, Britney Spears launched her new song Scream & Shout. This song was a great collaboration with the famous rapper This song still continue to be a very succesful collaboration. We can say that this is the best song of the year.For a few months they achieved  175,672,425 clicks on youtube.