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Phrases told by Vanessa Hudgens in different situations

Phrases told by Vanessa Hudgens in different situations

1- It is very difficult to find persons you can relate with a lot and to create a relationship with them but this happened to me with the actors of the movie ‘’High School Musical’’. For this I can say I am very lucky..
2-The lip gloss is my favorite make-up.
3- My passion is acting.As long as I will act I will be the happiest girl in the world.
4- The sweetest thing that a guy had said to me was : “You are beautiful  with make-up and without make-up’’
5-Stories with ghosts scary me a lot.I have a very developed imagination and after seeing a horror film I search in every part of my home for 2 days to find anything.
6- My advice for fans is : ‘’Give your maximum and don’t regret for anything you have done’’.
7- Guys are very strange when they  accompany me and telling the truth I don’t know why.
8- I will be very happy if I win an Oscar.
9- I think I am a very good person and very sweet.
10- If you like anybody , don’t surround but go and tell him/her.
11- I don’t find Johny Deep handsome.
12- I have three buffets in my room.

12- I have three buffets in my room.
13- I don’t have too much experience with men.
14- The movie ‘’The Leon King ‘’ always makes my cry.
15- The most of people try to grow up very quickly.this is not to good.They should be younger as much as possible.

16- All think that I cant go anywhere without doing the make-up.But they think wrong because I love camping.
17- My sister and I have the same models agency.
18- Everybody distinguish me from my parfume and it is called Pink Sugar.
19- To be an interesting person means you should be yourself and not behave like others want you be.
20- I like friends who are sincere and loyal.I like fun and it’s whay I don’t like my friends consider theirself as older.
21- If people don’t like me how I am ,I am sorry but I don’t think to change.
22- In the morning the first things I do are : Having breakfast and contoling my phone.
23- My parents have been very strict with me. They always have wanted the best for me.
24- Don’t see your boyfriend only as your boyfriend but also as your friend.
25- My sister Stella sees me as a model she should follow.
26- A lot of people call me in different ways : V.Nessa, Nessy poo, Nessy Bear. Only my parents call my Van and telling the truth I don’t like this name. 
27- When I was a child I havetaken piano lessons. Recently I am trying to play guitar. I would like to play  the battery.
28- My mother has given up form lots of things for me. She had often changed  residence, only that I continue my career.
29- When I was at five class, I was obsessed by Pocemons. My family and I stay awake until 04:00 AM to by online things relating to Pocemons.
30- It can be funny but I have a poster of Zac Efron in my room. I am sure that every girl have a poster of him.
31- My first kiss happened when I was 10 years old. I was acting and I had to play the part of a girl who had to kiss under the tree. I didn’t want but it happened.

Interesting facts about Orlando Bloom

Interesting facts about Orlando Bloom
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Brown
Details : Orlando has two tattoos, a sun on the belly and a nine hiden on the right forarm.He also has a sign in his back.When he was a child he has a disease in his brain which affected in his learning and reading.He says that now he is partially ill.
Horoscope sign : Scorpio
Bad habits : Even though he has tried many times to give up from cigarettes he cant. Hardly ever he smokes.He also eats nails and the skin of his fingers.
Pets : He has two dogs which are called Sidi and Maude.
How the others call him : Gibbo(according to Maya Sansa)
Famous friends :  Charlize Theron with whom he has passed The New Year in 2005, with other friends and their boy/girlfriends.He very often is a guest in her house in Venecia.

Prefer Colour : Yellow
Hobby : Sculpture and Photography
His favorite football team : Manchester United
Favorite Sports : Slipping on ice, yoga and surfing.
Favorite food : Pasta, spinach,baked potatoes, rice and vegetables.
Favorite actors : Johnny Deep, Daniel Day Lewis, Paul Newman and Edward Norton.
Favorite singers : U2, Maroon 5, David Gray,Ben Harper.He also like folk music.
His best friends : Chris and Maya Sansa.
Religion : He was made Buddhist in 2002 when he was met with Dalai Lama.
Mass : We can see it from the jacket he wears.It is 48.
His style : Orlando Bloom has his own style. He loves accessors like hats, glasses, rings and scarfs.He loves only one trainer model  - NIKE. Sometimes he puts a piercing in his nose.
Watch : Orlando loves watches. He still has a watch which his grandfather has given him and he is amazed by that.Sometimes he puts two watches.
Family : His parents are Sonia Copeland and Colin Stone.His sister is called Samantha. Harry Bloom is his adoptive father.
First Love : His first love has been a girl from Ireland and Orlando has never given any detail about her, even his name.When he was a student has sent her a plane ticket so she can visit him in England.
Civil Status : He is married to Miranda kerr , a supermodel of Victoria Secret.
First Car : His first car has been a green WW Golf.
Education : He has got some A : one in art, one in sculpture and art, one in photography and another in religious studings.He has also gotten a title in Drama.
First Job : His first job was when he was only 13 years old.He has made clay pigeons in a center.
Gossip for him : Some people say that he is afraid from pigs but he has said that he is not. Also it is said that he is a vegetarian but it is not true because of his back he has to use that diet.Does not speak French. He has studied in a French school but he knows only some words.Hehas accepted this in an interview.

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Three days of wedding for a bride

Three days of wedding for a bride
The bride on the three days of wedding (Friday, Sturday, Sunday) should reflect different regulations.

On Friday – The bride gets beautiful for her friends
In this day it is acceptable for the bride to be trendy and in make up you can move in every colour because she will be very happy. Also the model of the hair should be trendy. While the make-up can be very heavy or  very simple, it doe not matter. The bride should be very natyral and not fetched.

On Saturday – Here the conversation becomes serious
Being the wedding of the girl, we can say that this day is very different from the previous day. Even the model of the hair should be more collected. Here is a combination of modern and classic.Even the make-up takes another  form, a little bit sweater and more heavy than the other day.

On Sunday – Perfect
On Sunday should dominate the combination of class element with modern lelemnts, the bride dhould have a very good appearance and must be ok in every aspect. The Sunday needs a lot of commitment, because it  has to accomplish the three days together, as closing of the big day.

Three characteristics of a perfect bride :
1-To have long hair
2- To have oval face
3-To have a long life and a normal health

A test of a hairdresser :

1- Are you for a classic bride or a modern one ?
A combination : I like the classic but I like the modern as well.In fact I am for a combination of both of them.
2- Are you in favor of catched or issued hair ?
Issued or catched a little.
3- The tones of the bride ?
I like very much the yellow like in Bronx, I don’t like the shining dots.
4- Panel or eyeliner ?
I never use the panel because it shows  the eyes very obsessed.I always use the eyeliner.
5- Original or fake eyelashes ?
I like the most long eyelashes.If the bride does not have them long I am obliged to put her some fake, but natural would be more beautiful.
6- Emphasized red lips ?
No I like natural  lipsticks.I can dye her lips with a heavy lipstics and put them gloss and later I will wipe with napkin and let her lips a little lipstic so it can be more natural.
7- The nails must be very long or natural ?
Better having them natural and with an elegant design.