Saturday, March 30, 2013

Interesting facts about Orlando Bloom

Interesting facts about Orlando Bloom
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Brown
Details : Orlando has two tattoos, a sun on the belly and a nine hiden on the right forarm.He also has a sign in his back.When he was a child he has a disease in his brain which affected in his learning and reading.He says that now he is partially ill.
Horoscope sign : Scorpio
Bad habits : Even though he has tried many times to give up from cigarettes he cant. Hardly ever he smokes.He also eats nails and the skin of his fingers.
Pets : He has two dogs which are called Sidi and Maude.
How the others call him : Gibbo(according to Maya Sansa)
Famous friends :  Charlize Theron with whom he has passed The New Year in 2005, with other friends and their boy/girlfriends.He very often is a guest in her house in Venecia.

Prefer Colour : Yellow
Hobby : Sculpture and Photography
His favorite football team : Manchester United
Favorite Sports : Slipping on ice, yoga and surfing.
Favorite food : Pasta, spinach,baked potatoes, rice and vegetables.
Favorite actors : Johnny Deep, Daniel Day Lewis, Paul Newman and Edward Norton.
Favorite singers : U2, Maroon 5, David Gray,Ben Harper.He also like folk music.
His best friends : Chris and Maya Sansa.
Religion : He was made Buddhist in 2002 when he was met with Dalai Lama.
Mass : We can see it from the jacket he wears.It is 48.
His style : Orlando Bloom has his own style. He loves accessors like hats, glasses, rings and scarfs.He loves only one trainer model  - NIKE. Sometimes he puts a piercing in his nose.
Watch : Orlando loves watches. He still has a watch which his grandfather has given him and he is amazed by that.Sometimes he puts two watches.
Family : His parents are Sonia Copeland and Colin Stone.His sister is called Samantha. Harry Bloom is his adoptive father.
First Love : His first love has been a girl from Ireland and Orlando has never given any detail about her, even his name.When he was a student has sent her a plane ticket so she can visit him in England.
Civil Status : He is married to Miranda kerr , a supermodel of Victoria Secret.
First Car : His first car has been a green WW Golf.
Education : He has got some A : one in art, one in sculpture and art, one in photography and another in religious studings.He has also gotten a title in Drama.
First Job : His first job was when he was only 13 years old.He has made clay pigeons in a center.
Gossip for him : Some people say that he is afraid from pigs but he has said that he is not. Also it is said that he is a vegetarian but it is not true because of his back he has to use that diet.Does not speak French. He has studied in a French school but he knows only some words.Hehas accepted this in an interview.