Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to have healthy hair

Healthy hair depend on the change of our hormones, the food we consume during the day and the medicaments we usually use. The lack of proteins leads to the death of our hair. To grow up our hair we should consume fatty acids, nuts, fish, soya, vitamins BB and B12, salmon, eggs, banana , various seeds and spinach. Iron is also very essential  because it helps the stimulation of blood circulation and their replenishment. If you feed very well but your hairs still continues to be lifeless then all this comes from the stress which affects your hormones. Chronic stress is created by a traumatic event which affects  the renal  grand that produce male hormones  and this hormones lead to the loss of the pace of women. This kind of shock that is caused to follicle is a blow to their system and is also a  testing phase. For having a good cure for your hair it is better to advice to a good stylist. Sometimes due to misuse of the cloth for a long time, can cause damages such as the separation of the hair and also their brittleness. It is better not to use a cloth for sometime so your hair regain the natural quality. The hair cutting peaks very often and going at the hairdressing for a treatment  will help you to keep them in e better form and give them vitalize. Also we advice you to use a good shampoo and air conditioner and always use a technique for the protection during the heat.