Thursday, March 28, 2013

How politicians should dress

The  appearance of women in politics
A woman finds it difficult to create her personal look.According to studies one woman has her  internal desire to change every day. And to achieve changing every day needs having a strong courage, because quickly changes take u to experiments and repetition.

It is true that womans are amazed by bijouteries but a woman in politics should be very careful in chosing them. Her bijouterie should be frame and in a way that make her look elegant. According to specialists they should not use heavy jewelry.

The style of their hair must be very special and stable all day. It means that they should not be combed  only in a parliamentary session, or in dinner but also during the day.Their  style of hair should be simple and elegant and always inside the contour.

The dress
They have to use suits and should give up from shining colours, because they are not suitable and recomanded for their profession. The colours are appropriate in the weekend like : red, blue, pink,shining orange etc.The colour of their costumes should be in warm tonalities and pastel, because their proffesion ask that.

 Jozefina Topalli

Bag an important accessor
At a politician the bag is the most important part that speaks. She says more than appearance in all.Fo this an Albania specialist says that our politician women neglect this such an important detail. Through her bag speaks all her formation, it is like a closed safe box  where inside of it is all her knowledge.Tha bags the Albanian politicians use are very casual bages, like all those who ordinary people use.

Aesthetic appearance
In the parlament all women look like they have the same style of the hair. Sometime someone who wants a little bit different exceed it and has a look which makes her look ridiculous. So we can say that all the politicians should be very careful in aesthetic aspect to complete their appearance.

The tie is a very important element for a man.With a little bit concentration and advice thay can correct this thing, or I will prefer to get it off so they can be relieved from that instead of wearing an irregular jacket and putting the tie so that can give their appearance the missing potence.

The accessores
The politician should take in consideration the accessores. They should be more careful while they choose their socks and shoes. Usually politicians are very neglecient with their socks.They buy a pair of ordinary socks which are not combined with their shoes or with their suit and this for stylists is a slip, because rejects every kind of suit.
 Lulzim Basha

Casual clothes, they don’t know how to use it
Albania is a very small country and we can be in contact with our politicians everywhere such as in the weekend in the beach and they don’t present at us as they have to. So I mean that they should be very careful for example in using short trousers , they must have a limit, and they should not pass it, because such a big scandal will make them be in headlines of magazines in all world.

 Majlinda Bregu

 Ilir Meta

 Arta Dade

 Majlinda Bregu