Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Make Up

If you want to have the best and the longest shadow  eyelashes then use COLOSSAL.It gives  a better form to your eyelashes making them denser  and thicker. It  is a  quite strong shadow and can stand for a long time, up to 24 hours.This eye shadow is one of the most used shadow  of the moment  and most of people are satisfied with it, try it you too.Colossal gives your eyelashes  a volume of up to 9x. It protects your eyelashes and do not let them to fall or faint.Furthermore, if you want to have long eyelashes without using mascara, you  can take a small spoon and use it to your eyelashes.This method will help you  to make your eyelashes more extended and they receive a beautiful form.

Eyeliner is very important when we  make up during the day  but also when you go to a party, to celebration etc.The best way is to use a eyeliner against the water so if your eyes can cry or when you sweat especially during summer the eyeliner will not remove but it still remains as in the beginning.You will continue to have a beautiful make up. If you use the eyelinen in your lids its better that before you line them you should dye your lids with powder  so that the eyeliner can slide and would give your eyes a beautiful lineament. But if you dye your the eye caps, you do not need todye  the eyesinsede with eyeliner , because it will worsen  your make up, and will not make you look good. During the evening you should  clean the your make up and you can use a specific  cream or his removal.

If you want to give your cheekbones brightness then you should use pink pearls.
They  will help to give your face an elegance and beauty.

Some women do not use lipstick because they want to be natural, but but the lipstick only adds your beauty. Also we can say that it protects your lips. The most used lipstick brands are Mac, Dior, Channel, YSL. But always you use lipstick on your lips try to combine it with your dress. Women who are mostly blonde if they want to look better they should use  brown,, orange lipstick.  But women who have black hair goes more pink, red ,or brightly colors. Always buy the best brands for your make up in order to not have a skin irritation or anything else. If you have thin lips do not use lipstick with bold colors, mostly will help you to look good a gloss or a light colored open, as for example pink open.