Friday, April 5, 2013

Phrases By Ashley Tisdale

1- My favorite subject when was in high school was language. Sometimes the teachers ask us to make a magazine. The title of my magazine was ‘’Famous lifes’’. I have made an interview my best friend Kaley Cuoco.
2- I love the Christmas time. Not only for the presents, but also for the lights which decorate everything and also for the city atmosphere.
3- We will never know what will succeed and what no. The fans are those who decide.
4- I leaved New Yersey and start living in California, so I know how all that youngers feel when they  try to become familiar with somebody or a place.
5- I loved my brown and curly hair, but bad girls usually are blonde aren’t them ? So I sacrificed my hair for Sharpay role.
6- I usually don’t like to go to clubs very late. I mostly like to be preferd for myself not for other things.
7- My manager did not want that I take part in a movie of Disney, because he thought I wasn’t a child anymore. In fact all believe that I look younger than I really am.
8- In my real life I am very shy. Sharpay is the first bad character that I have played.
9- It seems like people expect a lot from the girls. It is thought that they should know everything that what they will do in the future. I occasionally knew it, but there are lots of girls who are very unclear. They should not puzzle over but to decide alone for their future.
10- I like changes, eventhough when I was made blonde I said : Who is this girl ?
11- I love the fact that at movies ‘’ High School Musical’’ girls are beautiful and smart.