Saturday, April 13, 2013

Some reason why to love the star of '' Twilight '' Robert Pattinson !

Here are some of the reason why we should love and be grateful to Robert Pattinson.
1- Robert has his own style, a quiet style .
2- He has e very special accent.
3- Robert loves reading books. Reading is so essential.
4- Robert has a rose smell.
5-  His hair is just adorable. Even though those are short, long,  combed or unruly he looks fantastic.
6- Robert look so normal guy, like someone which you like to talk for long hours.
7- His horoscope sign is Taurus, which means he is reliable, romantic, passionate and discreet.
8- According to an interview , coughing  makes him cry.
9- He always has a llok of thinking. It looks like he is suffering deep in thoughts at the same time.It is so amazing.
10- He can even put mustache like Salvador Dali in ‘’Little Ashes’’ and still looks sexy.
11- He can really sing very beautiful.
12- He plays as Edward Cullen, the excellent immortal, who for lots of girls is the perfect boyfriend.
13- Robert  is as shy and clumsy during the interviews as you want to stand him up, give a big hug and tell : ‘’Everything it’s ok .The camera will not eat you. That clumsiness makes his so loveable.It is part of his charm.
14- He wants to be like his playing the great Jack Nicholson. I want to be Jack Nicholson during my free time too.
15- When he made his first show in Twilight and enter in the canteen , he made all of us to beg for living in a vampire city with lot of rain running in forests. It sounds scary but none of them is’nt important  as long as we can see Robert Patinson during lunch time.