Thursday, April 4, 2013

Informations that you should know about Brad Pitt

1- His real name is not Brad. His real name is William Bradley Pitt.
2- His birthday is at the same date with the birthday of Steven Spielberg and Katie Holmes.
3- Brad can not enter to China becaufe of his role at ‘’ Seven years in Tibet ‘’.
4- His nickname at school is Bradi – The Pitbull .
5- He was appeared in Tv before he made his first movie. He has a small role in Dallas at 1987.
6- Brad Pitt left school 2 weeks before he would take the diploma. He moved to Los Angelos because he wanted to take part in movies.
7- When he was younger he has had lots of acne ih his face. He can get off this acne by using dermabacion.
8- He continued engaged with Gwyneth Paltrow for 3 years.
9- Brad Pit was choosen the main protagonist in The Matrix.
10- Brad spent more than $4.5 milion from his money to build 150 houses in New Orleans, which were destroyed from Katrina Hurricane.
11- Now he lives with his partner Angelina Jolie – an American actress and film director.

12- He and Angelina have three biological children and have adopted three children.

13- It is said that he is married to Angelina two years ago in Africa but it was only a gossip. They still continue to not decide to marry.
14- Magazine ‘’People” named him Sexiest Man Alive Twice.