Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Phrases by Orlando Bloom

1-A lot of people enter and get out of your life…You should have belief at your life because it always has a way for you.
2- I am a hopeless romantic and I like to pamper my girlfriends.
3- It was not too easy but finally I could do it and people believed it. I wanted to look real. I wanted to be my voice and not the voice of another person and I had borrowed it.
4- Life is for people and we should do our best and live in harmony.
5- When I don’t work, I prefer to stand up and do nothing. Easy things, unexpectedly become more delicious.
6- Women are beautiful. They deserve to look after and respect them.
7-I feel privileged, to be payed for something you adore to do.
8- I like to stay with my friends at home, I like to cook, to drink a glass of wine and to listen to music with my friends.
9- What I love most is the process of making a movie. I like to be part of this. I give everything to be part of them.
10- I choose my girlfriends very carefully. I belong with them only when I make sure that she will not tell the journalists every detail of our relationship.
11- When you begin to feel for somebody and you don’t stop thinking about when will you see it again, I really like it.
12- Love is like paradise, especially when you are at the first steps when you feel something for somebody and you can not stay a minute without thinking about her.
13- I have a beautiful job. I have to drees up and be someone else, especially when I have to be like Legolas, who is very handsome and does not belongs to our world. I feel a lucky man, then why not to appreciate my job ?
14- I think the theater is very important for a person. He keep you in form. But for the moment I mostly interested in movies. That has not taken away me from theater, but simply I want to prove something different and to see where this will take me.
15- I am not concerned about money. If I have to kiss somebody in a film they don’t have to pay me , I can do it with pleasure.
16- I am very lovely and very devoted. When you are with me it is very exciting, have fun and can satisfie.
17- I was closed in myself. I have felt on pressure. It caught me by surprise and I am still shocked.
18- I love to go out with my friends. I like to go walking and to take out my dog. I also adore to make long trips with my car.19- People call me the new sex symbol. It looks very strange when they call me so. Of course it is an compliment and it is better than compare you with an ugly person.
20- I am very sensitive to women. I have seen the way how my sister is treated from her boyfriends. I have read somewhere where it is written that when you are in a relationship you should think how would you feel if you were the father of the girl you are going out. In this way I think in every relationship.