Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some wedding details !!

Decorative accessories
Are very  special dried flowers or flowers wrapped with accessory type networks, the playing with the bridal veil, but trying that it not be very long. The interaction between the hair style and the bride veil creates a pleasant harmony. Eventhough the bride should use the veil in curch so she needs her veil long.
The hand element
You should never forget the hand element.There are some brides that skip it, but it is so important because a  slight hand movement can highlight the one hand which is not in the appropriate form which throws down the hand element. The recent trends are natural patterns.
It is very important the adaptation with the bride character. The make up can be heavy, sweet, aggressive, not very heavy and classic. Some  hairdressing say that they approve the heavy make up, but not in the face and in the tones application, but on the eyes emphasis, because when you emphasise your eyes you create the the impression of regular features.
Hand’s Flowers
The hand’s  flowers should be natural, tulip,gladiolus or white lily combined with green tails and decorated with a thin piece of tulle.
The dress
The most important thing is that the dress highlight the forms of the body of bride. The The icy white color is not to much preferable.
It depends on the dress you have chosen. If your dress has has a bold Decolletage or not, eventhough necklaces should be very elegant, no exaggerated.
The rings
Gold rings are classic , beyond any mode. You can choose between the thin circles and thick ones, with a dedication in the interior or not, but the diamond is the password of success. All these things depends on the couple, but we one thing is very important that the rings should be very classic and expensive as the the decision itself and this day.