Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some interesting facts that you should know about ZAC EFRON !

1- Zac always says that his home is where his heart is.
2- Noone of his family has been part of the spectacle world expect his grandmother which has been part of a circus very years ago.
3- The first thing that Zac does every morning is singing in the shower.
4- Zac has brother called Dylan who is 4 years younger than Zac.
5- His father is an electrical engineer. His parents were firstly met in their job.
6- Xac is very careful about his health. He always goes to the gym, doesn’t smoke and he has never used drogs.
7- Zac has said that in his 18 birthday he wanted to go skydiving but it wasn’t possible.
8- Zac would like to sing with Tenacious D and play a film with Christian Bale in “Batman 2’’.
9- Zac would like to have the autograph of Kobe Bryant.
10- He says that has day could not start without running for a while.
11- If he could chose an actress with which she could paly,  it would be  Reese Witherspoon or Catherine Zeta-Jones.
12- If Zac would have the possibility to make a question a famous person. He will ask Kobe Bryant : ‘’ How do you make so good in basketball ? ‘’
13- Zac needs to use glasses because his eyesight is not good. The doctor has advised him to use lenses but he very rarely uses them.
14- He has said that he loves to sing , but he doesn’t want to be a singer. He sing only for his own pleasure.
15- When he was very younger he entered at baseball and basketball teams but very soon he gave up from both of them because he played very bad.
16- One day Zac and his friend were blocked inside a shopping center from his fans. They had to run a lot to get rid of them.
17- When he was in high school he had to continue his lessons through emails and telephone when he hadn’t possibility to go at school.
18- Zac would like to visit the capital of Japan, Tokio.
19- His career started when he was 11 years old. He played in a theater near his home.
20- Before he played at the movie ‘’The Derby Stallion” he accepted that he had never get on a horse.
21- Years ago , his little brother ,Dylan sent him to take a golf ball.When Zac was near the ball Dylan strted to shout snake snake.Zac was really terrified , nearly fainted.
22- Zac Effron is 1.78 m heigh and 61 kg.
23- He has born 
18 October,1987.