Sunday, April 7, 2013

Interesting facts about Chace Crawford

1- According to Chace, his best meeting has happened in university when a girl asked him to go camping for 5 days.
2- According to Chace, his worst moments have been when he had wires in his teeth when he was about 10 years old, and when he has the tops of his hair yellow.
3- Chace prefers the food prepared at home more than the food of restaurants. He also knows cooking and he  has a cookery book.
4- At school he was the best dressed guy. He says that he doesn’t understand this because it was supposed that at school they should wear an uniforme.
5- Chace was declared ‘’ The sexiest single guy ’’ of 2009, ‘’ The most attractive man in the world ’’ in 2008 and has run out of the 27 on the list of 100 celebrities under the age of 25.
6- Chace listen to hip-hop, such as Nirvana, Sublime and the oldest rock.
7- The most favorite profession for him is ‘’ Military armed forces ‘’.
8- He has taken his first kiss when he was at the fifth class, from the twin sister of his best friend.
9- His most favorite celebrities are Angelina Jolie, Brittany Murphy and Leonardo DiCaprio.
10- When was the electoral campaign at 2008 he supported Barack Obama.
11- He had taken lots of prices for the movie ‘’Gossip Girl’’ especially during 2008 where we can mention ‘’Ten Choice Awards’’.
12- His worst habits are not washing the dishes and the regulation of garments.
13- Chace has played at the movie ‘’The convenant’’, with actors which are still his friends.
14- Chace is 183 cm tall.
15- Before he decided to be an actor his dream was to be a doctor like is father.
16- One of the greatest difficulties in the movie ‘’The Convenat’’ was the low temperature during the recordings at night.
17- Chace has played golf and American football when he was at high school.
18- His little siset which is called Candice Crawford was announced ‘’Miss Missouri 2008’’.
19- One of the thing that Chace wants to do before he dies is getting married. The other thong is to pilot an aeroplane.
20- He is very good at Karaoke.
21- Before startin his career as an actor he parked the cars in hotels and restaurants.
22- One of his biggest supporters on his career has been his mother.