Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Intersting facts about Paris Hilton

1- Belly
All the girls think that boys are interested only for the legs and boobies. I think that they get crazy also for the beely of the women.
2- High heels
I find it easier to run with a pair of high heel shoes than with trainers.
3- Metro
One day I have to use the New York metro. It really sucks. It smells pee everywhere.
4-  Suntan of the skin
Hawai  Islands is the perfect place if you want to have a fantastic suntan .
5- Telephone
Avoid all the places where is no wave for your mobile. Your mobile phone should sound very often.
6- The climate
 I hate the places with wet climate because it ruins my hair that I have combed out  at the hairdressing.
7- The rain
When it rains , never go out from home. If you go out at least you should have your umbrella Gucci.
8- Timetable
Never get up before 10 a clock and never go at bed before 03:00 am. Usual timetables are for usual people.
9- The dog
The dog of a billionare heir should be adorable. The race of my dog is Chihuahua and it is called Tinkerbell .
10- Food
Don’t be afraid to eat at fast foods as many times as you want. Order always the greatest  ration because if you forbid this to yourself you will ask to eat more. The food in mode is Sushi.
11- Men
You should change your boyfriends with the same speed you change your humour.
There is nothing more feminine and relaxing than a bath surrounded with specks of foam and a good music in background.
13- Defects
There is one thing that I hate in myself, the number of my foot.It is 42. I really look like I have put on boats.
14- The slogan
Live every day like it was your birthday.