Thursday, May 2, 2013

We will give you some advice to make a better and more beautiful make-up

1- Firstly you should capture your hair so they will not hinder you during doing the make up and also not forget to clean your face. You can wash it with water or use special alcohol or cream for doing that.
2- Secondly take a foundation with open color and put it in the middle of the forehead and in cheekbones too. Later rub your face with that.
3- Thirdly take the the brush and apply the powder on your face.
4- Fourthly  take liquid type foundation with dark colour. Put a little in your hand and later apply it in your cheeks, forehead, nose and in  the chin. After this take the foundation brush and burnish your face.
5-  Fifthy take the  cream compact type foundation and apply it aside the nose.
If you follow all these steps your face will look very beautiful and it will not appear any facial impurities, any pore, black spots, freckles or acne.
The color that you use when you dye your eyes try to combine with the colour of the lipstic.
We will give you an example:
When you dye your eye caps with open  pink you can use a purple lipstic. When you use eyes tone try to make the paintbrush live very thin. Also it is better to dye only the upper eyelashes with mascara because in this way you emphasize the color of your eyes and look more natural. I f your eyebrows are not complete or don’t have the color that you would want to hada you can use e special pencil to dye them. So we can say that your make up is finished and your are ready to go out and feel more beautiful than ever. We really believe in your taste and we are sure that you have choosen the proper clothes and shoes.