Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Manicure

Hands are always in the center of attention. This is the reason why girls look after their nails and try to change the colors of them. Sometimes they make french application or use some mysterious points or some simple designs. The way you choose to dye your nails depends on your style, what the season is, on the clothes you wear , but sometimes you just love a special style and you apply it.
Here are some our  recommendations for this summer:
Two Toned French: In this model firstly apply a nuance and let it to dry out. Then , after that apply the French with a contrary nuance.
Half Moon: This kind of pedicure is so classic and its perfect for parties or formal events. After you have applied the nuance , dye the bottom halves on each fingernail with a half circle.
Pale nails: If you want to have elegant and simple nails apply a a pedicure with a pale pink or neutral nuance in a fragile and simple way.
Vibrant orange: Do you want to grab the attention of the others ? Dye your nails with blown orange nuance and red orange. This interweaving of colors will give you a  bold appearance and make you feel in the center of attention.
The Pedicure Top Gold: The application of gold is a lyrical ,poetic and effectual design.This kind of polish is very is dazzling.
Metal shades: Nails with blue color or gloss are very potent and this year seems to be in mode. For example a tipic polish is: Dye the first three fingers with blue, in the fourth fingernail apply a blue French and and the final nail dye with lemon color.
Sharp nails: The pedicure  with sharp serrated, with scary view and mysterious dark shadow are very courageous and make you feel different from the others.