Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hair Styles 2013

In 2013 hair cuts and trends are even more personal  than the clothes you wear. Our hair cat and the colour of our hair tell a lot about ourself and they also tell more about style, taste and our work place. Here is the key for the main trends for 2013.
Forelock has been very insistent on the list of hair trends recently. It is an option for all of them who really needs a change in their look.This year is  in mode the big forelock.
Elegance – Collection
Elegance – Collection brings inspiration to create high class and style. This kind of style brings a mixture of soft lines and a soft structure  through rippling.
BOB styles are being applied a lot recently from elegant length, sleek versions to beards, wavy and qualitative structure.If you want to have the length of your hair up to shoulder and have them with high volume, we recommend you sexy styles of years 1960.
StructureHair sports collecting is very preferable in footbridges where is shown  sensuality and structure with a small pattern of increasing hair volume, while with a little waving creates the idea of a punk appearance. Hair collections and meeting tail looks to be in mode for summer 2013.
Hair styles seems to be emanating for this summer. Hairs can be combed out a liitle in the back and be sprayed with lacquer so they can receive a greater amount for a sexier appearance.