Saturday, May 4, 2013

What kinds of food to consume to have healthy nails?

Vitamin A
Vitamin A helps you to have  healthy nails and to take this vitamin you should eat oranges, eggs, spinach and lots of wagons.
Biotin is included in vitamin B. It helps a lot our nails to strengthen and you can find this vitamin in this kinds of food: in bananas, eggs, wagons, salmon and vegetables.
Vitamin C
This vitamin prevents nails from damage and it also prevents swelling of tissues nails. People mostly take this vitamin during the  consumption of strawberries , citrus  etc.
If you don’t take as much zink as your body needs very soon you will have some white spots in your nails. This white spots appear when the amount of zinc in your body is very low. Some of foods that contain zinc are : dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, peanuts or wheat.
Iron is very important to have halthy nails. The absence of this element in our body leads to malformed nails. The products which contain iron are eggs, beets, green vegetables, red meat and cereals.

Some good advice for you:
Vegetarians  especially who consume only green vegetables should know that the absence of other proteins  can causes the cracking of nails. The cracking of nails mostly happen when you have not taken enough fatty acids. If you have very dry nails or without color you should know that you have the absence of vitamin B12.
Those persons who don’t have enough iron they will have fragile and abnormal nails. And sometimes they look like pale or blue color.