Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The main nutrients for healthy hair growth

These are some information that everybody should know how to look after his hair.Here we will give some of the most important feeders for the growth of our hair. Healthy hair depends on the changing of our hormones, on the kinds of food we consume and on the variety of medicamnets we can use. The health of our body is not a general indicator.
Vitamins A and C
Vitamins A and C create a substance which wears the follicles of hairs from outside. The absence of vitamin B leads to the loss of hair and to premature gray hair.
Zinc regulates a grat number of hormones , hormones which our body uses to synthesize the growth of our hair.
Our hair is Our hair is a stick of proteins with several layers of fatty. The protein is very important for having healthy hair. The same thing we can say about fatty layers.
It is used to synthesize the keratin growth factor, a hormn which our body uses in synthesizing of keratin proteins  which is made by fibrous parts of our hair.
Iron its used for transforming the testosterones to extrogen, which is a very important hormonal  regulator of hari growth. If our body doesn’t take the right iron amount it will lead in a big consequence. Those people will have a hair fall.
Omega 3 and Omega 6
Omega 3 and omea 6 are block used to create a layer for  the brightness and softness of our hair.